Facebook Birthday Wishes

Get customized Facebook Birthday Wishes for your Brother, Sister, Childhood Friend, Lovers and more! We create original Facebook Birthday Wishes Ecards. There are two things that make people feel special the most on their birthdays. The first one is personalized birthday wishes, something that happened in the past perhaps that the two of you can laugh about or a special moment or even a rough moment. These experiences mean a lot to people especially the fact that you also remember those moments. The second most important thing is the effort. Whether its a gift or how you say Happy Birthday to them it does matter. Next time you go on Facebook and you receive a Happy Birthday notification look through that friends wall. You’ll see a bunch of happy birthdays but nothing really special. Some friends will make a half effort by posting at least a photo on their wall.

Customized Facebook Birthday Wishes

Don’t worry we’ll take care of that for you. We create original Facebook Birthday wishes for you and customize them to your liking, oh, and did I mention they are free? You choose a Facebook Birthday Wish from the sample below and email us the text you want to place on them, if you want to change them at all. These Facebook Birthday wishes are not only for Facebook though you are likely to use it for Facebook. They can be sent to the guest email, tagged on an Instagram post or via text. These Facebook Birthday Wishes below are tagged with our brand mark “101happybirthdaywishes” but we will remove them on your personal wish. We are continuously creating more Facebook Birthday Wishes for your enjoyment because we love to celebrate others birthday as much as you do. *Some of our Facebook Birthday Wishes are tasteful and are for adults only. They are meant to be comical and not crude or mean. These birthday wishes are for entertainment purposes only. For customization email us at sales@birthdaypartys.com

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Free Facebook Birthday Wishes


For The Lover
Keep Calm, No Drama
Happy Birthday Fat Ass
Im Looking Forward To Your Birthday Party
Happy Birthday Buddy. Drinks Later? Call Me.
Dance Like A Stripper.